Our Services

Our professional service includes the Auditing, Tax Advice, GST, Traditional Accounting, tax planning and advisory in different matter such as Income tax, Internal Auditing and Systems Audit.

Traditional Public Accounting

Traditional accounting work which is necessary to meet the general financial reporting requirements of various known and unknown financial statements users, such as owner, partnership firms, companies, shareholders, We will ensure that all regulatory and income tax filing requirements are met on a timely basis.

We fulfill our clients needs in this area through the following services:

Preparation of year end financial statements with two differing levels of assurance:

  • Audit
  • Review

Preparation of Tax Returns

  • Personal Tax Returns
  • Sole Proprietorships & Pvt. Ltd. Co. Tax Returns
  • GST Returns
  • Dvat /Works Contract Returns.
  • Payroll Source Deductions

Basic accounting and bookkeeping services:

We can prepare clear and accurate accounting record on a periodic basis (monthly, quarterly, or yearly)

Tax Advisory and Planning

We understand that planning ahead play an important role in reducing the client tax liability and avoiding large tax payments. We focused on finding opportunities and leveraging them to clients’ best interest in the form of significant tax savings. Through implemented, resourceful solutions, the practice helps minimize client’s bottom-line expenses and eliminating unpleasant tax surprises.

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