fdi in india

Creating a Pvt Ltd company in India, is currently very easy.

Points to be kept in mind before incorporation of a Private Limited Company :

The simple points to remember are :

  • First think of a name and take approval from MCA
  • Think of the objects to be carried by the Company,
  • Finalise a registered office address,
  • Finalise a authorized capital ( MLG tip to investors , keep it low to start with ),
  • Finalise the number of promoters, number of directors(minimum 2), and number of shares to be subscribed by each promoter,
  • Obtain Din No. (Directors Identification Number),
  • Acquire/ Register DSC for Directors,
  • Obtain Incorporation Certificate while completing all paperwork through MCA

It is recommended to have atleast one indian local director by Every Company.

FDI through Automatic Route :

No prior Approval require from central govt and reserve bank of india for FDI.

Good thing is that we dont need too much requirements for Opening a company in india by foreigners. Same procedure can be followed by non resident promoters also through Automatic route

FDI Through Acuisition of Share from Resident

Transfer by way of sale

A person resident in India may transfer to a person resident outside India any share/convertible debenture of an Indian company whose activities fall under the Automatic Route for FDI subject to the sectoral limits, by way of sale subject to complying with pricing guidelines, documentation and reporting requirements for such transfers, as may be specified by the Reserve Bank of India, from time to time.

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