SOP for CA Certificates

SOP for CA Certificates

SOP for CA Certificates

SOP for CA Certificates

Dear MLG Patron, we at MLG believe in being a part of your extended Team. We are there to make your Business Better, in some aspects. Wherever we can be of help to you, we are delighted.

Many a times you need to submit some CA Certificates. Example : Pollution Department, HUDA, Banks, FEMA, RBI, Shareholders Certification, Directors List, Net Worth Certificate, Fixed Asset value certificate, International TDS 115CA – 115CB,  MSME Certificate, and so on.

To make the Process smoother, we have fine tuned out SOP for getting the information and processing it, in a timely manner

Any Request for Any CA Certificate must preferably be
1. Sent on Email to, cc to,,

2. A photo of that email on the Whatsapp Group we have with your company

2. Give us about 3 working days to complete this activity. Plus minus depending on case to case
* This period of 3 days, is tentative. We all understand that if there is lack of clarity, or the information sought to be certified is not complete, or is not reliable enough, collaborating evidence is not sufficient, this three day recommendatory self SOP shall not be applied.

4. Do convey the need to your Relationship manager also.

5. Do share the exact format, or the last time certificate scanned copy.

6. Do share the required information, which we need to see.

Please remember, CA Certificate means, we have to certify something that you are saying to somebody, and we have to check your stated information and then assure the outsider that what you said was true, correct and reasonable
Kindly help us help you.
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