Organising a Celebrity Event In India – Methods

Organising a Celebrity Event In India – Methods

Organising a Celebrity Event In India – Methods

Organising a Celebrity Event In India – Methods

Long Term Vision, Regular Business, ?

Get a Pvt Ltd company registered in India

Get Indian PAN

Get Indian CIN

Get Indian GST Number

Get ESI, EPF Registrations (for employees)

Get IE Code for Import export work

Get Bank Account opened

Get TDS number for TDS deductions and Returns

You are ready

Do your Business

Recruit a KPO Entity for Accounting and all the compliance returns for Income tax, GST, TDS, ROC, DIN KYC, etc

Short Term  : Single Event

Hire an Agency as a Vendor. Agency which has experience in shows of similar scale. Very important. since you cannot botch out your show for lack of a experienced vendor.

  1. Finalise the Agency

  2. Do meeting at his office in India, to understand his size and scale

  3. Do meeting with him in your home country, say US, or UK or Australia. see if he is serious enough.

  4. Enter into a MOU . One PO he gives you. Second PO, you give him.

Part A : Before the Event

  1. You Issue a Purchase order to him

  2. He sends you a proforma invoice for “Advance”. He says : send me 0.2 Million US Dollars … for facilitation charges for the planning, thinking, Designing, event advance etc .

  3. You send him the money.

  4. He does the work.

  5. Same cycle continues for three months of preparation

  6. Total money you sent him is say 0.5 million USD

  7. This is his income ( Sale side) in his Income Tax return

Part B : His other expenses.

  1. He spends on various vendors in India, for the Stadium, for the artists, for security, for venue decoration, for Book my show kind of app presence, for PR, for promotion, for media, for all things, for food etc

  2. Total local expenditure he does here is say 0.5 million USD

  3. all these are also his expenses

Part C : Show billings

  1. He registers the event on like agencies.

  2. Total ticket sales from all means is say 2 million Dollars

  3. It is his sales, and his Sale income.

Part D :  Calculations

  1. He already has issued a PO to you in start.

  2. Till now, total sales = 2.5 million ( 2 local and 0.5 from abroad )

  3. Total expenditure : 0.5 million

  4. His professional charges : 0.5 million

  5. Balance ?

  6. Contribution for the Foreign stars + celebrities  + international Travel + Your company : 1.5 million

Part E : After the Event

  1. He already has issued a PO to you in start. for this 1.5 million

  2. Now you issue a Invoice to him, for “Getting the Celebrity” from Abroad, Getting the artists from abroad, Promotion you did from abroad, planning, meetings, time you devoted from abroad.

  3. You sends him a proforma invoice for this 1.5 million USD

  4. He remits the funds to you.

Part F : Banks ? and RBI 

  1. Bank will be ok ?

  2. Inward :Bank will receive this as a normal Export Receipt

  3. Outward : Bank will remit this as a normal Import Payment

  4. Since the Agency is already into business, it already has a good running account, his accountant will arrange the Form 15CB from their Statutory Auditor

TDS in India

  1. TDS might be deducted  ? YES

  2. Rate ? 10% approx

  3. Reason : Income is arising in India

  4. No doubts about it

  5. You may see the DTAA with your country… it may be helpful in your case, sometimes.

Income Tax Return in India

  1. Can do, for the profit, if any

  2. PAN, yes can take, if long term.

  3. if not long term then else you can leave the TDS as such, there are provisions…. you can mention merely your foreign Income tax number in the 15CB for the remittance from India

  4. and have no long term liability, for filing returns in future

  5. Enjoy

Other taxation

  1. GST Payment, GST liabilities, GST returns, GST ITC  : Nothing , no botheration for you. Local party does it

  2. TDS Payment, TDS liabilities, TDS returns, TDS certificates  : Nothing , no botheration for you. Local party does it

  3. IE Code things : Not relevant

  4. Bank account things : Not relevant


All set ?

Anything to worry ?

Note : There are things which can still go wrong ?

So you must have a good Support System, A Good Chartered Accountant Firm, which hand holds you in the process. An Audit firm which can be your eyes and ears. See that all compliances are properly fulfilled here in India.

Vijayee Bhaveh

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