FSIA Event

The FSIA Event

The Faridabad Small Industries Association, one of the largest body of SME industry in the state of Haryana, conducted a special Technical Session on the Budget 2006 and its ramifications on the industry.


The FSIA Event

Our Mr Sangeet Kumar Gupta, was the Speaker on the nuances of the Budget, – the Income Tax Matters, T.D.S., and F.B.T. Mr S K Gupta , advised the large gathering , which included the over 200+ members, dignitaries like Chairman of National Small Industries Corporation, Mr H. P. Kumar, CEO’s of large number of companies in Faridabad and Delhi.

The FSIA Event

Mr Sangeet Kumar Gupta, delivering his talk at the FSIA Annual Industry Award Meet. Also seen are- Dr Rakesh Gupta, distinguished CA and Advocate, Mr Rajive Chawla, President , FSIA, Mr M L Sharma, Imm-past President, FSIA, Mr M L Jangir, noted consultant on Excise matters, and Mr Ravi Vasudeva, Hony. Secretary, FSIA.

The FSIA Event

Mr Sangeet Kumar Gupta, and the Team is Honorary Consultant to the Faridabad Small Industries Association, and is regularly available to the members for their tax related queries.

The FSIA Event

This is a ERP Industry, in which, we always have to be at the cutting edge of Technology and Knowledge

The FSIA Event

We are also connected to B.Y.S.T. ( part of C.I.I. )


Seminar at Hotel Altrium (formerly Hotel Hillview)

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For having a word with President, FSIA, Mr Rajive Chawla, you may mail at rajivchawlaindia[at]yahoo.com

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What you did and how you did, brought you where you are today. But it will certainly NOT take you where you want to be 10 or 20 years from now.



Core Message

Since Time will come come back, and it is “we” who has to change,

Therefore, we must keep evolving, changing, upgrading to keep pace ahead of competition. Learn, not just to survive, but learn to master all conditions- favourable or not. Most of us are still in the phase of manufacturing “general items” or as per customer’s design & drawings, or making something which can be easily copied by hundreds of others around, the big question is, “What should be our Pricing strategy?” Cost minimization, control & management become imperative…. Specially in the times of 12% inflation, cut-throat competition and strong resistance at the customer’s end to revise prices upwards.

This “cost” includes many things…. some not so obvious. Often we send quotations based upon the old pricing methods which defy logic, long term strategy, company’s goal or objective, actual costs. We need to learn newer practices in today’s fast changing market.


  • Changing Cost Perception
  • How to do the Product Costing
  • Moving from Cost Control and Cost Reduction towards Cost Management
  • Cost Management Perspective – Customer Value Creation
  • Cost Management Focus – Economic Value Creation
  • Cost Management Methods :
    • Design Stage – Target Costing
    • Operations and Delivery Cycle – Kaizen Costing
    • Customer Relationship – Customer Account Profitability
  • Cost Information System – The Edifice of Cost Management
  • Performance Management System – The Enabler of Cost Management

Who Attended the Programme?
People who not just “hope” and “wish”, but “plan” and “act” to stay ahead of competition.

Participation Fee (on non-residential basis) :
The fee was Rs.7,000/- per delegate. Of which Rs. 5000 was subsidised by German Technical Cooperation (GTZ) .

Registration for similar future programmes : FSIA conducts such programmes regularly. If interested, you may contact :
Faridabad Small Industries Association
FSIA Park, Opp. Plot No. 23, Sector-24,
Faridabad- 121005 Haryana
Tel: +91-129-4026950, 2234950 Fax: +91-129-4055501
Mobile: Santosh Rai (9313760217) Pratap (9711123111)
E-mail : rajivchawlaindia@yahoo.comfsiaindia@gmail.com

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