How We Started

| How We Started |

Our Founder Mr M L Gupta started his career with the International Giant IBM. Post Qualification from SRCC, and as a CA, all India Topper, he was posted at their South Asia HeadQuarters in New Delhi.

He was working on the Mainframe computers of 1970’s.

So, working on ANALYTICS, and Data Management, Working in Systems and working systematically got into our Blood.

Thereafter even at the Hindustan Unilever Group companies, Mr M L Gupta, headed the IT Cell apart from the Accounts/Finance Departments. This included dabbling in making the Software himself using the GW BASIC  etc.

Then, in 1987, he started on his own. And the MLG Associates was born.

1997. Mr Sangeet Gupta Joined the Professional Firm MLGA.

2003. Mr Puneet Gupta joined , taking it to next level

2008, First Customer from South India, Bangalore,

2009 onwards Regular on the Industrial Associates Panel and Forums

2014, Chanchal and Ajay Join the MLG, BPO Wing takes roots

2015 Added More customers in Audit And BPO Both

2016 . Added some key accounts

2017. Led our Customers in successful GST roll-out

2018,2019, Added some key accounts

and 2020, and counting

taking MLG Associates, from places to places.

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