I am SME of India poll – MSME Outlook 2020-21

In this poll, I am SME of India, seeks to know your views, interpretation of where you see your business in FY 20-21. keeping in mind the Effects of CORONA – COVID19 on the MSME businesses.

Your individual information shall be kept in strict confidence, and shall not be made public.

We encourage you to simulate data in this excel file for 2020-21 and compare it to the full normal year 2018-19…. For information, We have excluded the year 2019-20 from this study, since most members do not have ready balance sheets for year ending 31-3-2020

This survey results shall help making the Government and Entrepreneurs aware of what is expected this year… and this might help make the public policy better; and help in making our MSME’s stronger, and more resilient in this tough year.

Rajive Chawla, Chairman, and the Editorial Board member, Mr Sangeet Kr Gupta, FCA. https://www.iamsmeofindia.com/

Step 1

Simulator excel file –

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