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Jobs Available at Chartered Accountant Firm in Faridabad

Accounts & FinanceWork Profile includes Accounting, GST Taxation, Income tax cases, GST Cases, GST Returns, Income tax returns, TDS Returns

We are one of a mid size CA Firms in Faridabad with around Multiple Chartered Accountants, and Company Secretaries from same office. Along with a large Staff supporting in Tax, GST, Audit and International Tax Domains

Exposure includes

Statutory Audits

Internal Audits

Core Accounting Work – which is a very good Base for Accounting Professional

Voucher audit, Ledger Review,

CA Articles Job and Experiences

MLG Corporate Policy for the Training of CA Articles


We believe that the CA articles come to LEARN. And CA firm should help them. To learn and to evolve. To see at close Quarters, on a wide variety of things.

The Goal is such that they become competent CA’s when they complete their articleship

And they can be fit for (a) A CA in Practice in Multiple areas (b) a CA in Job in multiple areas

Every CA Article will be / can be given exposure in all these things, over his 3 years of articleship.

These exposures will be spread over the 3 years.

First year Various topics, some Core Focus, some light focus
Second year Various topics, some Core Focus, some light focus
Third year Various topics, some Core Focus, some light focus

Coaching Experience vs Actual Experience

There are two kinds of work

High Volume :

Like Statutory Audits,

Like Tax Audit Annexures

Like Balance Sheet plotting

Like Income Tax returns

Like GST R1 Data preparation

Like GST R3 Data preparation

Like GST R9 Data preparation

Like TDS Data preparation

This can be shared via actual experience with all articles

Low volume :

FEMA work: ex FLA returns are filed to Reserve Bank of India,

For these exposure will be via simulation.

So, articles cannot expect to be doing those importance / sensitive work,

However, after the return is gone, it may be explained in the conference room to all the interested articles for “knowledge”



Entry in Accounts

Accounting is the base. This is the base of all learning. A person who does not know practical accounts, cannot do audits as good as one who has done this. So, every article must learn accounting both in Finsys and in Tally

Manufacturing Company Accounts – Large Company

ERP Experience

GST on Sales (income side)

GST ITC on Purchase of Goods

GST ITC on Purchase of Services

TDS Contractors

TDS Professional

TDS Purchase 194Q

Service Company Accounts

Tally Prime / Tally ERP 9 Experience

GST on Services income

GST ITC on Purchase of Services

TDS Contractors

TDS Professional

TDS Purchase 194Q

Accounts of small company

Some small companies accounts 


Main time investments : Audits

Audit is per say the second biggest area we have in MLG.

Here the student must learn detailed genuine audits

Audit of Manufacturer into Import of Raw Material , processing and domestic sales – Including Imports, GST, and TDS

Audit of Manufacturer into Domestic Buying of Raw Material , processing and Export of goods

Audit of SEZ unit, and how vouchers are passed and audited

Audit of Small companies

Ledger Review – what and how

Audit of Subsidiary companies…. Indian Wholly owned subsidiaries, with shareholding 100% by companies abroad


Outstation Audits. ( occasional )

Bank Audits



Going to ITO / GST Office

Going to Income tax office = Faridabad

Going to Income tax office = Gurgaon

Going to Income tax office = Delhi

Going to Income tax office = Chandigarh

Going to GST office = Faridabad

Going to GST office = Delhi

Preparation of cases

Income tax 143(3) assessments

Income tax objections , notices and their replies

GST cases

GST Audits

Articles interested in going to these locations, may register with HO and will be given opportunities, whenever possible. Some of the visits could be significant. Some could be only for sake of going.

But MLG can surely help you at least go there and see how they work.

Registration and pre- and post-evaluation is a must

TDS Returns

TDS Salary

TDS Contractor and Professional

Foreign TDS

Property TDS

TCS = scrap

Willing candidates will get this experience , if selected by seniors.

GST Returns


GST Return – 3B, how to make, and review

GST Return – 1, how to make, and review

GST Return – Reco of 2A, how to make, and review

GST Return – 9, how to make, and review

These are good experiences.

GST returns are filed every month, for some companies who have given this task to us.

Articles interested in doing these, may register with HO and will be given opportunities, whenever possible.

There would be 3 kinds

Experience Only for “watching”

Experience Only for “Conference room training”

Experience for “Doing” … in case you want to do by own hands, then you have to be patient.


Since wrong returns or mistakes can be very damaging for the customer and for MLG goodwill also. Errors are simply not allowed.

A fresh article who does not know some practical months of Accounts and Audits will not be usually considered for the more complex assignments. Due to risk of errors involved.

And “Doing” will be allowed only after being a witness to the person who is doing this task for sufficient time

Income tax Returns

Income tax returns – Individuals, Salaries

Income tax returns – Individuals, Rentals

Income tax returns – Individuals, capital Gains

Income tax returns – Individuals, Small Business

Income tax returns – Individuals, Partner of Firms

Income tax returns – Company

Income tax returns – Firms

Income tax returns – NGO  / not – for- profit trusts etc

These are good experiences too.

Each article must learn these.

No Doubts

This dept has 2 people who do this, and 2 who support them, so

Only 2 candidates shall be taken for this experience every year

Other Forms

15CA, 15CB forms

CA Certificates on different topics … review of the file… and how data is received from each company / for each such certificate

This above is also usually given to the person who is the GST / Income tax / TDS taxation wing.

Balance Sheet Activities

Draft Balance Sheet  in Excel in MLG Format and method

Balance sheet review, creation of objection list and action to remove those objections

Printing of Balance Sheets ( even this needs a high level of acumen )

Stamping of Balance Sheets

Entry of Balance sheet into the Income tax Forms / Formats online

3CD data preparation with customer

Entry of 3CD data into the Income tax Forms / Formats online

Some other specialized balances sheet season forms like MAT, SEZ etc


Again very critical tasks

We shall do job rotation during June, July, August, and September each year

Between audit staff and tax staff

So that

Audit Customers get the continuity

Balance sheet and Tax department gets work done

It could be one year at audits , second year at Tax dept (( case by case )), based on merit and availability

Physical Stock Verification Audits

Prior intimation / permission is required

Good experience

By proper preparation and briefing


We shall see that if the article follows the rules above, we shall help him/her experience the above activities, either by doing, or by conference room training

DUTY OF Article

Work as per the instructions

Do not take too many leaves

Work responsibly

Avoid mistakes

Tell the mistake, if any committed. Rather than, it remain hidden and later snowball into a big disaster.

Have patience…. Everything is not possible in first year


Stipend of Articles

Year 1 : Rs 7000 to  Rs 10,000 pm, based on talent and grasp

Year 2 : upto 20,000 pm, based on talent and grasp

Year 3 : upto 30,000 pm, based on talent and grasp

This is based on knowledge, experience, diligence, discipline, and what your seniors see in your attitude and performance.

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