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MLG Associates ( Est. 1987) has 36+ years of experience, servicing the Industry. Statutory Audits, Internal Audits, Income Tax Advice, Income Tax Returns,GST Returns and representing the clients in Income Tax Scrutinies and Appeal Cases. .. These are our main focus areas.

Another significant part of our professional practice is in handling the complete Accounting Department outsourcing right from voucher entry to cheque preparation, daily upto date Bank reconciliations to online payments of all statutory dues. We become your CFO and your Accounts Department in this kind of Role.

We also undertake Professional “Retainerships” with various corporates. Where we serve them in any of the desired above areas. In those cases, we are also helping the client in their Share valuation calculations, strategic decision making, Meetings with PWC / other bodies etc. on your behalf, representing you. Helping in Documentations, GST topics and so on.

MLG Associates, C.A.

We believe in working together towards a common vision to attain uncommon results. Our belief in entrepreneurial spirit nurturing independent thinking directs individual accomplishments towards organizational objectives. This helps us in providing a full range of services and resources to the industry with utmost client satisfaction.

  • Our qualified and experienced staff of more than 30+ comprehends client’s requirements.
  • Our Reporting, administration and technology supports our services.
  • Our full range of independent services makes us a reliable partner to safeguard the interests of investors.
  • Our extensively trained staff delivers specialist administration and support.
  • Our infrastructure and support capabilities help flexible custom reporting.
  • Our equitable approach benefits both the start-ups as well as large corporates in terms of quality and cost effectiveness.
  • Our clients’ interests always come first. Our belief is that if we serve our clients well, success will follow us. This drives us to meet client
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